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How to burn calories

Health is the wealth that is often underestimated, undervalued and unmaintained. It is very necessary to take care of physical health to have a happy and peaceful long life. To have a healthy life and to reduce the risk of various diseases, one should have a proper exercise to burn out excess calorie in our body. There are different modes of exercies like walking, swimming, playing etc. Several exercise machines are available in the market to have a well balanced exercise to our body. All these types of exercise contributes fitness and health to our body.

Our body weight is directly related to our health. Often a body with high weight is more prone to heart diseases and diabetis whereas low weight is related to protein deficency and other malnutrition diorders. So one should have a weight that corresponds to physical build, sex and age. So we should keep our weight under control. This can be achieved by maintainig proper diets and daily exercises.

Before you start decreasing the weight of your body, you should check your body mass index using the several calculators that you can find online. Then you should increase or decrease your body weight according to your body mass index so that you can maintain a healthy and strong body and can live long happily.


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