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Pros and cons of using surgical methods to improve tummy shape

Enlarged shape of abdomen is not only an aesthetic problem. Sagging skin folds under big tummy contributes to irritations occurrence between these folds. Overweight provokes redistribution of overall body load on spine causing pain and blood congestion in the lower half of human body and as a consequence leads to varicose of veins. When is there a need to correct an aesthetic defect in the anterior abdominal wall? There is a real need to resort to surgical methods of tummy shape correction when there are excess body fat deposits on the abdomen front walls and its sides, postnatal changes of superior rectus muscles (wear out muscles with increased spacing and bulging belly), excess skin that occurred after childbirth or severe weight loss. The main objective of abdominoplasty is to create normal proportions of abdomen. There are many types of abdominal wall defects and their various combinations as well as varying degrees of their severity, which require the use of different surgical techniques and individual approach in each separate case. Due to proper choice of surgery technique maximum results with minimum risk of postoperative complications can be achieved. Tummy tuck includes different types, which differ from each other in length of incision and surgery intervention scale. If surgical technique is strictly obeyed, post surgery scar will be imperceptible with a pass of time. Typically, it is located in the bikini area and after a while turns into a narrow white strip.

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a favorite procedure of plastic surgeons. As a rule, this surgery gives the result satisfying both patient and physician. Average abdominoplasty procedure lasts for 1.5 – 2.5 hours, it can be carried out for both women and men. Incisions mark outs are made on skin before the surgery. Abdominal plastic principle is simple: excess skin and the subcutaneous fat are excised and then new skin tension is formed. Such plastic surgery type must be carried out by professional plastic surgeon who knows the anatomy and physiology of soft tissues, the mechanism of their blood supply as well as having a sense of harmony, symmetry and aesthetics.

You can see the result immediately after surgery, but the final form and shape your tummy will take after healing process completion or 6-8 months after abdominoplasty. Scars become thin strips that are easy to hide under the lingerie and swimwear by this time. Will they be invisible or not depends on professionalism of your plastic surgeon. It is possible to make laser resurfacing of scars after some time period. Tummy tuck includes a long lasting effect, but it is worth to keep an eye on your weight and keep it normal, avoiding weight spikes. Patients feel a little discomfort in the abdomen during the first two weeks of postoperative period. It is recommended to wear a special compression garment for 1.5 months. There is a restriction for overall body exercising for a month and abdomen area exercising for 3 months after surgery.

Abdominoplasty is not carried out at maximum body weight of the patient. It is explained by the fact that tummy tuck is aimed at removing excess skin, but if you lose weight dramatically after abdomenoplasty it will may lead to skin re-sagging. Thus, any kind of tummy tuck surgery requires prior weight loss. It is recommended to resort to plastic surgery methods when diets and exercises cannot correct the situation, as abdominoplasy allows return the body its lost beauty.

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