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Some Great Diet Food Selections

Diet shakes are an excellent source that not only gives you many choices but also the quick alternative to a healthy meal.

For the many who are bored with the monotonous type of diet foods that have to take daily can jazz up their taste pallets with various choices of diet food options. These choices are also great for those who want to follow a diet but just cannot find the time to cook a healthy meal for themselves.

Diet Bars

The best part with a meal replacement bar is that you can find them virtually anywhere from the local grocery store to the gas station with price ranging from $1 to $12. They do not need any kind of preparation meaning that you can just tear the cover and begin eating. Nevertheless, you need to ensure that the bar you purchase has higher fiber and low sugar content otherwise it will prove counterproductive to your weight loss needs.

When selecting a meal replacement bar, choose one whose net dietary composition reads roughly 250-300 calories and provides you at least three or more grams of fiber. When going for protein bars, it should give you 10-15 grams of protein along with 33% of the daily vitamin and mineral requirement.


Many studies have shown the positive effect of meal replacement shakes when taken with proper meals. These have produced between 3 to six pounds of weight loss in women who consumed them for a period of three months. Amazingly, the same women showed appreciable weight maintenance when they continued with an intake of a shake daily  for a year.

Available in various flavours the costs of a meal replacement shake ranges between $1 to $2.5 depending on the flavour and the maker. Powdered shakes need to be mixed thoroughly in eight oz. of cold water before they can be consumed. Add to this some slices of a fruit or a cup of fresh vegetables to get the best results. Remember to choose a shake that has approximately 180 calories plus 3 grams of fiber per serving along with 30% of the daily vitamin and mineral requirements.

Pre-Packed Meals

These meals can be generally found in the freezer section of any grocery store, and their unit cost ranges between $2.50 and $4. With a multitude of choices, most of them provide with an average of 250-400 calories making them great weight loss substitutes. However, be sure to check on other health aspects when buying a pre-packaged meal. For instance, choose lower sodium levels preferably 400mg or less, if you have blood pressure problems and always go for one that packs 5g or more in fiber content.

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