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5 Ways to Fight Aging

None of us enjoy getting older, and especially do not care to look like we age. There are some things we can do to fight against aging, or at least delay it!

First Do not smoke and avoid secondhand smoke whenever possible. Smoking is a bad habit and can lead to a variety of diseases including cancer, heart disease and lung. Tobacco can stain your fingers and give you bad breath. Regularly breathe secondhand smoke can increase the risk of heart disease by 30 percent and may increase the risk of lung disease by 25 percent. Smoking is just a bad, ugly habit.24

Make a second little time to play and relax. People who work long hours are more likely to develop hypertension. The risk of a triple heart attack in people who do not take a break from work stress and fatigue. Do yourself a favor and get up and walk around for a few minutes every few hours. Go outside if you can, and breathe fresh air.

3rd Avoid fried foods and sodas. As good as their taste, they are still bad for you. Fried foods and soft drinks (with sugar or not) can make you more susceptible to weight gain. They can also lead to a condition known as chronic inflammation, which makes your body age.

4. Try wearing a hat and sunglasses when you are away. The sun can feel nice and warm, but the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause cataracts and macular degeneration that can eventually lead to blindness.

5. Get your annual checkups. Make regular checks of cholesterol, high blood pressure and glucose levels. Also get your yearly mammograms and Pap tests if you are a woman and undergo annual prostate exams if you are a man. After 50 years of age, men and women should undergo regular screening for colon cancer.

These five suggestions can help prevent aging and help your doctor identify early signs of cancer or heart disease. They do not take much of your time and benefits will pay long term.

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