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A Medical Guide to Oxygen Masks

Most people take breathing oxygen for granted. The thought of using a physical product such as an oxygen mask to inhale something that is so common does not cross their mind. However, there are many individuals out there with respiratory problems, for whom the idea of breathing the air that most people breathe is something that is simply not going to cut it. Oxygen masks come in all styles and sizes toady. In order to cater towards individuals with different needs, manufacturing companies have had to design different styles. When looking at the types of machines that the person is going to have in order to find one that is portable, there are two main types. The cylinder version is basically an aluminum tank that the person can refill with the oxygen whenever they are running on empty.

The other option is the liquid oxygen tanks. This works basically on the same principles as the cylinder tank. However, it converts the gas into oxygen for the user. A medical equipment manufacturer that distributes this product should have an information guideline that goes with the product. There really is no best option, the doctor may have a preference, as well as the patient, and this is what is going to determine which the person receives. People should keep in mind that they are going to find that most tanks are between one and two feet in height, and they are going to weigh around two to eight pounds. However, the person that cannot handle this can find tanks that are even smaller.

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