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Content Determination of the Sulfur Dioxide in Wolfberry Extract

Wolfberry ExtractRecently, with the growth of market requirement and the enhancement of standardized production the export volume of wolfberry ectract got a continuous increasing by a large margin.

The security especially the sulfur dioxide residual becomes the most important subject. Researchers adopted the method of acid distillation and iodine titration to detect the sulfur dioxide residual of the produced in different areas.

Fumigation and steaming by sulphur is main method to make traditional Chinese medicine. The sulphur molecule released by this process will uniformly distribute on the surface of the medicine and this uniform film can kill and prevent the mucedine. The acid compounded by the sulphur molecule and the water on the medicine can not only restrains the growth of germ but also has emollescence to plant tissue and improve the water permeability of cytomembrane.

This is a common use of the producing of traditional Chinese medicine and it is benefit to the conservation of the medical materials. But there are large contents of sulfur dioxide and nitrite which are harmful to human body. Some medicine producers use the industrial sulphur which has a large content of heavy metal. These heavy metals will aggravate the harm to human body.

The harms of sulfur dioxide mainly include the toxic effect to living body and the characteristic changes in medicine. Rat tests show that sulfur dioxide could made damages to neuron cells of rat brain tissue and many spongiocyte. Researchers found the spongiocyte nucleus malformation, endoplasmic reticulum expanding and mitochondria swell in the tests.

Long term taking in of the sulfur dioxide could lead to the tumor and the damages of visceral organs. Besides, tests show that this kind of chemical ingredient has certain toxicity to male reproduction.

The improper using of sulphur dioxide may change the materials existed in the medicine and the medical effect of the medicine.


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