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Dehydration – IV Fluid Replacement

downloadDehydration happens when one’s whole body is affected with a lack of fluids. A lot of individuals relate this condition with summer and the heat but the truth is that an individual can get dehydrated at any season. Those who exercise a lot are at high risk of getting dehydrated due to excessive sweating. In situations of serious dehydration, it is necessary for an individual to get IV fluids to be able to recover the quantity of lost fluid. That is why it is so important to be able to recognize the signs so know what to do when it happens.

How To Spot Dehydration

Weakness and Dizziness are two of the most common signs and symptoms of dehydration. A lot of individuals suffer from light dizziness and it is not something to get very worried about. If you lose 2% of the quantity of fluids from your body, one’s body is dehydrated and there will be small signs. In usual situations, a drink of normal water will help to recover the fluids in your body and you will be fine in a few minutes. However, if your body drops more than 2% of its fluids, the signs begin to get worse. The nose and mouth begin to get dry and then the individual may have a rapid pulse and drying around the eyes in some instances. The eyes may also begin to look submerged and the skin may become pale. Dehydration often happens faster in kids since the quantity of fluids in their body is lower than that of adults so it is necessary to look out for the beginning signs in kids to be able to get them handled as easily as possible.

How To Treat Dehydration

The most effective way to deal with dehydration is to get treated with IV Fluids. Any individual who starts showing serious signs should be hurried to a doctor immediately so that they can be put on these fluids as soon as possible. IV fluids contain an assortment of glycogen, sodium and normal water that is applied to the affected person to be able to bring the fluid level normal again in one’s body.

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