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How To Test For Adrenal Fatigue

imagesMost health professionals will say that it is difficult to identify adrenal fatigue using just a single symptom or test. To help make a precise analysis, a lot of physicians as well as naturopath will need to look at a variety of tests and take note a couple of symptoms. And this will indeed need an comprehensive experience and knowledge of the many various human systems. Also, this will need some patience. In fact, it might need 2-3 visits to the doctor before you can be sure that you do really have adrenal fatigue. You must know that examining for adrenal fatigue might take several forms. There are assessments that will evaluate your change and others will evaluate chemicals – these assessments will offer an idea on how well the affected person is feeling.

Different Tests To Diagnose Adrenal Fatigue

Cortisol Tests – This is the most common test being used these days. You must be aware though that there are several types of such tests. Also, the appropriate interpretation of result is very essential. The physician might order urine, blood or saliva tests to be able to evaluate cortisol – this will actually rely on his or her choice. However, the saliva cortisol examining is regarded the most precise since it provides a far better calculation of the cortisol levels present in your tissues where the hormonal responses are going on. Be advised that it is essential for you to be well-hydrated before you go through such tests since lack of fluids will alter the results. Furthermore, saliva examining is regarded an outstanding way of tracking progress as your cortisol levels start to come back to regular.

Thyroid Tests – The complexity of human body will mean that one part of endocrine system is reliant on another part. Indeed, there are connections and links that can be found between every body part. Thus, a weak point in one area will offer great changes in another. This means that if your blood test will show mild hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue might be its inherent problem.


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