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Perfect Exercises for Your Upper Back

The two major muscles located at the upper back of human body are trapezius and rhumboids. The muscles that are located below our neck is called rhumboids which are rhumbous in shape. Trapezius are triangular shaped muscles which are bigger in size. You can give exercise to your trapezius muscles by shrugging. Shrugging means the process of moving your shoulders up and down. During shrugging you can add more pressure to your muscles with the help of adding weight by using dumbbells. If you use dumbbells, you should use wrist wraps to get better grip. You can also rotate your shoulders from front to back while you shrug up and down will add more benefits.

Another type of exercise for your back muscles is upright row. This one also targets your trapezius muscles. To do this, you have to hold a barbell just below your waist. Then keep your hands stretched at your shoulder width. Then bend your hands so that the barbell is close to your body and then bring it back to initial position. You can stop the movement of your hands, once the bar reaches just above your chest level. A cable machine can also be used to perform this exercise.


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