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Premium Ego Starter Kit

One of the biggest issues with electronic cigarettes is the batteries; it is necessary to keep the batteries properly charged in order to enjoy an optimum smoking experience. Luckily, a number of e-cig brands and manufacturers are releasing starter kits with new and improved batteries. In this Premium e-cig review, we are going to discuss how Premium Ego starter kit can solve the battery issues faced by many other electronic cigarette brands on the market.

The Ego starter kit is designed to have a new and improved battery technology. Both batteries included in the starter kit is capable of storing 4 times more power than most e-cig batteries. The extended 420mAh capacity means you can use the Premium Ego electronic cigarette for days without having to recharge. This new battery from Premium is also equipped with a special mechanism that ensures constant voltage for maximum functionalities at all times.

With the Premium Ego starter kit, you also get a USB charger and a wall adapter. These two items allow you to charge your e-cig batteries using any standard USB port or wall socket. Pair the ease of use with the extended battery, and you will find using the Premium Ego electronic cigarette to be very convenient nonetheless.

Let’s not forget Premium also has a total of 18 flavors and 4 nicotine levels in the brand’s catalogue, so finding the flavors that suit you best will certainly be very easy to do. You can try multiple flavors before deciding the ones you like the most by opting for a mixed pack instead of having to buy packs of refill cartridges for each flavor. With the Premium Ego’s exclusive packaging, this particular starter kit is also suitable for those who want to buy it as a gift for loved ones and colleagues.

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