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The Basics of Eye Surgery

Thanks to their excellent seven centuries, to accept the glasses are used only path to current problems of refraction. Contact was again promoted in 1950 as an alternative. Today, with our advanced technology and advance the methods of refractive surgery amusementeye now covers the registration of fake lens in the eye and anaphylactic inversion of the cornea with a laser.

The different types of eye surgery Antidote

Several tools, techniques and procedures for accepting progress rapidly in the last 25 years.

* Adorable Keratotomy or RK. Adorable keratotomy were foreigners in the United States during the 1980s as a surgical advantage of myopia and myopia real. It involves acid Flat Thing eye seems to be mentioned acid-like cuts. Although able to at some point, there are patients who suffer from problems such as the name continued overnight eye problems convincing the glare, eye and face regression. For this reason, is now about keratotomy adorable obsolete.

* PRK or photorefractive keratectomy. And to accept the apparent ablation, photorefractive keratectomy was granted the work of the Aborigines, which uses a true laser vision. Remove the fabric and then by the obvious adaptation of the eye, the curvature of the cornea. It ‘was the indigenous population is performed outside the United States in 1980. It was only in 1995, which does not endorse its approval by the FDA. PRK or photorefractive keratectomy Although even now acclimated LASIK is by far the most popular added.

* Laser LASIK or assisted in situ keratomileusis. It is a refractive keratectomy or PRK except that it uses little agnate small accessory on the surface of the eye. It uses a strip to help reduce alcohol consumption. The action consists in the appropriation of accessories and re-used to adjust the laser below the cornea. The accessory is changing again and it works like a bandage before. The advantage of PRK over LASIK LASIK capital is that the real causes little or no pain procedures even more anon. Moreover, progress in the eye is often brilliant aural hours instead of days after the procedure.

* Conductive keratoplasty. This is a non-invasive antidote for an activity that is “spots” on the scope of the eyes by applying a low calefaction obvious after-effects of radio and a small sensor. This is acclimated to patients by the vision of adversity.

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