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The effective home remedies for warts

wartsIf you are facing the warts issue and unable to get rid of them though you have tried all sorts of medicines and other remedies then you are at the right place. Here you will come to know how you can get rid of these warts with the material which you can find in your kitchen and these home remedies would prove to be the best. They can destroy the warts if you use it on a regular basis. Though you may find number of home remedies for warts it is always better to choose the most powerful and best remedy that would really work on your warts and set you free from them. Before the warts do get transferred from person to person it is better to get the right treatment.

The aloe vera juice would be the best option for you to use it over the warts to dissolve them completely. Make sure to use the fresh aloe vera juice. The plant sap or the papain can also be applied on warts in concentrated form. You can even use the milkweed which is a weed that can be found in South Africa. You can either use the milky extract from the leaf or step. Onions can also prevent warts if the cut onions are rubbed over them. The Indian herb squill can also be used in treating the warts. You can powder the bulb of squill and it can be applied over the warts which you would like to remove. Can even use dandelion out which the milk can be applied on the affected area.

The oil that you can remove it from the shell of cashew nut can also be applied over the warts to remove it. This would irritate the skin and helps to remove warts as well. The juice of marigold is also good in treating the warts. You can even apply the freshly cut pineapple pieces over the affected area as well. The raw potatoes that you can find in your home can also be used in the removal of warts. This is possible only when you rub the cut potatoes daily two to three times a day. The crushed garlic would also work amazingly over the warts. All you have to do is to apply and rub the crushed garlic over the warts and they will fade off within 3-4 weeks. These are the best home remedies for warts which you can apply.


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