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Yoga For Skeletal Health

downloadWhen we think of the advantages of yoga, we tend to think about the muscle tone and increased flexibility and. While those are indeed advantages of doing yoga, there is one more area you should know about. An everyday routine that contains yoga work out for skeletal health is becoming a common prescription by yogis and doctors as well.

When we do yoga using correct form and positioning, the poses actually do promote improved posture. Individuals with neck and back issues often think work out is off limits; on the contrary! Yoga poses are intended to strengthen and enhance the muscles that encompass the backbone, therefore eventually straightening twisted or crooked posture. Yoga poses including extending of the back (which contains most of them) can basically add to the space between the vertebra, not only straightening your posture, but adding to your height as well. It is common to hear a yoga work out student claim to have grown an inch (or more) taller since they have started exercising yoga regularly. The same can be said for those who are huge or have herniated disks in their spine or neck. The back stretch poses, as they create space between the vertebrae can also decrease pressure on the herniated disks. Another way yoga is excellent for our skeletal health is that with light strengthening and stretching exercises, can trigger point and sciatic pain is also reduced or even removed. The adhesive capsulitis, also known as “frozen shoulder” is a constant stiffening of the shoulders caused by hardness around the joints. Frozen shoulder immobilizes the shoulder(s), creating everyday tasks such as getting dressed very painful. Any action where the affected person has to lift their arms for any reason causes intense discomfort which leads to a decrease in overall activities such as exercise. Yoga, however, has changed all that. The gentle stretching in yoga liberates up the “frozen” joints, therefore treating the situation completely.

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