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Easy Skin care tips

A nice, soft and glowing skin is an asset. We have to give special care to keep it soft without wrinkles and reduce ageing. We can easily achieve this by using different cosmetics. Even though each and every cosmetic products are tested by their manufacturers, some of them can be allergic to few skins. So before we start using a new cosmetic product, we should apply it to a small part of our body. If we find that it is allergic, then we should wash that part with water and stop using that specific cream. We should also avoid creams that contain chemical substances and try to use natural products, which may not harm our skin in long run also.

Skin care creams should be applied to specific body part. For eg: body lotion is to be used on our body, not on the face. If we are going to a place where sun rays will fall on us, apply sun screen lotions. Before you buy a sun screen lotion, you may check its spf. The higher the spf, you will get more protection from the uv rays. But the cost also increases according to the increase in spf. When you return back, you can apply face wash to remove dust and dirt from your face and thus reduces the chance of pimples.


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